All three volumes of Chrono Trigger Symphony are now available! You can download a copy from Goole Play, Amazon or the iTunes store! You can also find the first two volumes on Spotify to listen to! Thanks for everyone's continual support of my music. I hope you enjoy the albums!

About the project

"CHRONO TRIGGER SYMPHONY focuses The Synthetic Orchestra's efforts on recreating and remastering the soundtrack to Square Enix's classic video game from the Chrono series. Spanning several volumes, the project re-orchestrates all your favourite music from the game while remaining faithful to the originals. As each volume is released, every piece of music from the game will be featured, re-orchestrated by hand - one note at a time.

Thanks to everyone that has supported my music. I hope you enjoy the Chrono Trigger Symphony albums."

Blake Robinson, Synthetic Orchestrator.

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WHAT people are saying

"Robinson has created a piece of work that honors Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu's classic soundtrack. He makes you re-experience Chrono Trigger as if you are playing it right in front of you and it doesn't get any better than actually playing the game. 10/10"

Official RTV

"Blake Robinson is THE hero video game nerds dream about. This man is literally a one-man army with a virtual orchestra at his fingertips, and he's put that power to great use. If you love Chrono Trigger, I can guarantee listening to The Chrono Trigger Symphony will fill you with saudades and make you want to dust off your SNES."

Mark Cerqueira

"What lies herein is nothing but the most professional orchestral sounds offered digitally. While Robinson certainly doesn't over-complicate this soundtrack that graced millions of ears on the Super Nintendo, he adds dimensions that offer a fuller body. Instantly recognizable, every track remains faithful to the source, while simultaneously adding intuitive instrumentation."


"These new high quality versions of the game's many iconic songs are true beauties. All of the tracks capture the original essence of Chrono Triggers best moments, and encompass everything magnificent about the memories of playing a game you loved as a kid."

Gamer Syndrome

"The Synthetic Orchestra manages to stay true to the original soundtrack, while still adding its own magical touch. It is done exceptionally well, and deserves your download. I promise, your ears will thank you later. 9/10"


"This latest album successfully captures the delicate, dreamy wonder of Mitsuda's original work, while also enhancing it with an epic, booming orchestral sound."

Nintendo Life

"The album is also a must-have for those whose appetites were whetted by the Symphonic Fantasies suites. 5/6"

Gracze Sluchacze

"Chrono Trigger Symphony: Volume 1 is a superb retelling of the first part of the classic Chrono Trigger RPG, inviting memories of the past; new extensions to classic jingles and layering well-loved compositions with a renewed feeling of elegance. The first volume certainly sets the bar high for the remainder of the collection. 9/10"


"Finally an orchestral Chrono Trigger album worthy of the classic original soundtrack. You could claim Mitsuda himself arranged these additions and I really think most fans wouldn't think twice about it. 4/5"

Soundtrack Central

"High-quality, true to the original, and fantastic attention to detail make this a must have album for any Chrono Trigger fan. If you have never played the game or listened to the music, let Robinson's work inspire you to take a trip through time and save the world."

Doug Matlock

"The arrangements are top notch. Unlike other tribute albums for Chrono TRigger, everything here is instantly recognizable, but with a great new level of depth. Frog's Theme and The Trial particularly stand out, but all the tracks are great. Already eagerly awaiting the next installment!"


Where can i get it and how much is it?

Because of the sheer amount of content in the soundtrack, Chrono Trigger Symphony is split into several volumes. All three volumes are available through Loudr and iTunes and are priced at $8 each.

Why isn't it free?

Distributing a remix, cover or orchestration without a license is illegal, even if no profit is made. Generally, game developers are relaxed about this but with a project of this scale i felt it best to license everything to ensure that the album is completely legal and that the original composer approves and is compensated.

Projects such as this require hundreds of hours, mountains of effort and pockets full of money to produce, especially when it's the work of a single person. As with Super Metroid and Banjo-Kazooie Symphonies, by supporting this album you're directly helping to ensure that i can bring you more video-game-orchestra albums in the future.

Haven't you already orchestrated Chrono Trigger?

I've previously orchestrated a few pieces of music from Chrono Trigger. I wanted Chrono Trigger Symphony to be as complete as possible, and so have included them in this collection of albums. The original are still available to freely download.

How did you license it?

I'm part of the Joypad Records music label, run by a bunch of talented guys dedicated to licensing and distributing video game covers. They handle all the licensing and royalty reporting required to legally distribute derivitive musical works. When purchasing a copy of the album you can be sure that you're not only supporting myself, but also the original composer.

Are there plans for a physical CD?

Unfortunately not - the cost associated with such an endevour just isn't feasible and it was felt that the money was better spent on creating the music itself.

How did you make it?

CHRONO TRIGGER SYMPHONY  was created using a large array of software and sample libraries i've both collected and created over the past few years.

FL STUDIO was used exclusively as the Digital Audio Workstation with each note being programmed in manually by hand for maximum realism.

A variety of sounds from companies such as Spitfire Audio, Sample Modeling, Cinesamples and Project Sam were utilised and a large selection of custom instruments were also developed exclusively for use on the project.


30th January 2013 - THE THIRD & FINAL ALBUM IS NOW AVAILABLE!. We're there! 64 tracks spanning over 2 hours of orchestrated Chrono Trigger music. Thanks to everyone who has supported this project!

22nd January 2013 - WIN A FREE COPY of entire Chrono Trigger symphony (three albums) and listen to Volume 3 a day earlier than everyone else! Check out the contest page to find out how to enter!.

24th September 2013 - VOLUME 2 IS NOW AVAILABLE! You can now find the album on Loudr and iTunes. I hope you enjoy listening!.

22nd August 2013 - THE ALBUM IS NOW AVAILABLE! Happy Birthday, Chrono Trigger! You can now find the album on Loudr and iTunes. I hope you enjoy listening!.

16th August 2013 - WIN A FREE COPY of Chrono Trigger symphony and listen to it a day earlier than everyone else! Check out the contest page to find out how to enter!.